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Whois IP Lookup

The Google Chrome extension Whois IP Lookup is designed to enhance user convenience by displaying the public IP address and hostname directly in the browser. With just one click, it also provides detailed geolocation information, making it easier to understand the physical location associated with your IP. Additionally, the extension offers a simple and efficient feature to copy your IP address to the clipboard, streamlining tasks that require frequent use of your IP. This tool is especially useful for IT professionals and individuals who need to quickly access and manage their network information.

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Whois IP Lookup Google Chrome Extension


Different WHOIS and RIPE features support

Our solution works with reverse hostname lookup, geolocation, IPv4 and IPv6 from different global data sources.


With our solution you can request data from ARPA, Whois, RIPE. It has a fallback option in case some of them are not available in your location. Known exception - Great eastern firewall.